TDHT - The Dragons of Hidden Treasures

TDL: The Dragon Lords

TDHT - The Dragons of Hidden Treasures

The Dragon lords (TDL) is a collection of 20 000 masters.

TDL NFT collection is a way to reward our dragonkin (TDHT NFT holders) with a new collector's NFT,  as well as,   a method to allow new members into our community and ecosystem. Ten thousand Dragon Lords will be air dropped to our TDHT NFT holders,   and 10 000 Dragon Lords will be available for public mint. The Dragon Lords NFT collection will be revealed after the public sale comes to an end,   and will be distributed randomly. This will prevent anyone,  including the founders,  from knowing which Dragon Lord will be distributed to whom.

The world of power-magic-and mystery was revealed to the dragon lords by the high dragons.

The golden dragon's disciples, known as “DRAGON LORDS”, after a certain mastery over the elements and energies could transmute into various forms: some took a human form while others the form of an elf, a wolf, and the various life forms. They would then camouflage themselves in the beauty of nature being in a solid communion with it; and spend their time strengthening their powers in the silence of it until they were recognized by their respective masters as being ready to become full fledged DRAGON LORDS!! CAPABLE TO TRAIN THE LOWER DRAGONS!

Once the golden dragons deemed their disciples ready, they would come to them in an intense fierce form shining with the light of wisdom and purity and would bestow their final teaching to help their disciples evolve into the final state where they can unleash their full potential and reach the golden dragon's state for the ultimate.

TDHT - The Dragons of Hidden Treasures
TDHT - The Dragons of Hidden Treasures

The highest dragons regarded as the golden dragons; the custodians of the underworld- would choose a few disciples and train them to enter into the metaphysical realm of art, magic and energy to gain mastery over the elements ~ gross and subtle in order to get access the doorway to creation.

The full fledge golden dragons having mastery over art: involving sound, space, colour and more… even emerged out of paintings, music and nature like beautiful big balls of energy engulfing and penetrating anything and everything around as an expression of utmost intensity and mastery.

TDHT - The Dragons of Hidden Treasures

So be ready to become a part of this living creation in the world of NFTs, and also, gain prime access to the high seven world!!

~Discover the art within and without!!!